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HSBC - Strategy Update 2018

11 June 2018

Strategy Update 2018

HSBC plans to invest USD15-17 billion in its business between now and 2020 as it seeks to increase profit and revenue growth, Group Chief Executive John Flint told investors today.

The majority of this investment will focus on growth and technology and is underpinned by eight strategic priorities – including plans to boost the bank’s Asian businesses, international network and digital capabilities.

Speaking in Hong Kong, Mr Flint said: “After a period of restructuring, it is now time for HSBC to get back into growth mode. The existing strategy is working and provides a strong platform for future profitable growth.

“In the next phase of our strategy we will accelerate growth in areas of strength, in particular in Asia and from our international network. We will leverage our size and strength to embrace new technologies, investing USD15-17 billion primarily in growth and technology, subject to achieving positive adjusted jaws each financial year.”






SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST: HSBC CEO Flint says bulk of the group’s planned US$15-17b investment targeted at Asia.  The bank is looking to grow wealth management business from China and Hong Kong and also rebuild its US consumer credit business

THE FINCHANNEL: HSBC targets a return on tangible equity (‘RoTE’) of greater than 11% by 2020, while investing USD15-17bn, subject to achieving positive adjusted jaws each financial year.