Digital Investor Roadshow: Lithium and Tungsten exploration company Pan Asia Metals seeks capital

Wednesday, October 30, 2019 at 2:58:21 PM GMT+10:00

WATCH: Paul Lock, Managing Director of the lithium and tungsten exploration company Pan Asia Metals discusses company results and their plans to raise $2 million


The Singapore based South-East Asian focused metals exploration company, Pan Asia Metals with a company mission to help “make the future great”,  is looking to capital raise in the coming months. With the objective to raise $900,000 at 12 cents and advance the asset to list an IPO at 20 cents in April of next year, the company will also be focussed on raising an additional $1 million.

Assets and objectives

Pan Asia's two leading assets, the Reung Kiet Lithium Project and the Khao Soon Tungsten Project are two of the largest projects of their kind in South-East Asia, situated in one of the richest districts in the world. The Tin-Tungsten Belt, that spans from Myanmar through Thailand and into Malaysia provides great potential for low-cost project opportunities in a low-cost environment, close to industrial centres that can take the company downstream. With low operating expenses (opex) and capital expenses (capex), Pan Asia is able to produce high value added products.

“It's all about exposure… you want assets which value-add and assets which give you exposure to new opportunities.”

- Paul Lock, Managing Director, Pan Asia Metals

Management and relationships

The Board of Directors is comprised of two Executive and two Non-Executive Directors that form a “cohesive team”, working to identify “high-value opportunities”. With working relationships on the ground in Bangkok, across the ministry departments, liaison, state level and community engagement, the team is well connected across its stakeholders.

“At the end of the day, this is about relationships.” 

In order to engage the community with both the company’s objectives and concerns, Pan Asia is working to build their relationships at a community level, alongside donations and support for the education, health and sports sectors on the ground. 

Market cap and capital structure

Pan Asia’s evaluated market cap is approximately $11 million. When comparing this to the lithium peer group mean valuation of $48 million and the tungsten mean valuation of $21 million, it is not the largest asset group, however its advantage lies in its low cost environments. This allows for low foundation costs and helps to position the company at the bottom of a cost curve, allowing investor funds to “go a long way”. Projects positioned at the bottom of the cost curve allow for reduced capital requirements and lower operating costs.


The company has approximately 92.6 million shares on issue with plans to sell up to 15% of the company at 12 cents in order to raise $2 million dollars. 

Key areas for value-adding: 

  • Geophysics

  • Drilling

  • Groundwork on new assets

  • Securing new assets

“By the time we get to IPO we’ll have a different looking company, a company which will be more valuable.”

As Pan Asia Metals works to achieve its outcomes, it will progress from its current position as an exploration and mining company, to a large player in the industrial sector contributing to wide scale electric vehicle manufacturing in the region. 

By Velvet-Belle Templeman, Business Journalist, Boardroom.Media

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